02 File Metadata Overview

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What is it?

Metadata is data about data. Different types of files have different metadata. The metadata on a photo could include dates, camera information, GPS location, comments, etc. For music, it could include the title, author, track number and album.

What kind of file metadata is useful?

Potentially, any file metadata you can find could be useful.

How do I find it?

One of our favorite tools is exiftool, which displays metadata for an input file, including:

  • File size
  • Dimensions (width and height)
  • File type
  • Programs used to create (e.g. Photoshop)
  • OS used to create (e.g. Apple)
  • Etc.

Run command line: “exiftool(-k).exe” [filename], and you should see something like this.

Screen Shot Metadata